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Residential Garden




Design work and installations  |  Residential Gardens  |  Corporate Projects


Each person has their own idea of what makes a great garden, this is why we take our clients' input so seriously. It is our job to impliment gardens that suit the requirements, likes and lifestyle of our clients whether they be residential, commercial or retail. We pride ourselves on our professional approach and high level of service.


Gardens today are an attractive and purposeful extension to our homes. We believe that at the end of the day your garden must be tailored towards your specific needs, with flow and design combining as one - to create a unique garden for you with its own personality.

We will offer you a complete garden landscape design and layout service. We are proud to boast that our landscapers are trained, qualified and experienced. They take great care in the artistic creation of your garden and will settle for nothing less than absolute elegance.

Only the highest quality plants are sourced, supplied and delivered from selected growers across the country as well as from our own nursery. Our aim is to create a natural escape for you - A man made ecosystem blending art and science to create a landscape of lasting beauty and value.

Green Garden


Water Sprinkler

This will include the following but not limited to:

  • Daily litter parade of the maintained areas

  • Programmed mowing of all lawns in all houses

  • Sweeping of pavement and parking areas on a daily basis

  • Herbicide spraying of weeds growing through the asphalt

  • Brush cutting of grass edges and banks

  • Cultivation / weeding of beds

  • Programmed irrigating of lawns

  • Monthly Fertilization program

  • Monthly Spraying of weeds

  • Arboreal Activities, splitting plants, pruning and spraying

  • Ongoing development of the garden

  • Removal of garden refuse to on site dump

  • Effective integrated garden pest management system

  • Daily blowing/sweeping of all paved areas.

  • Removal of beach sand along pavements and roads

  • Cleaning of the curbs

  • Chemical removal of any weeds growing through the paving

  • Washing of the paving if required

  • Effective fence line brush cutting and clearing

  • Effective education as to required waste management program

  • Removal of garden waste

  • Residential Gardens

  • Complexes

  • Corporate Offices

  • Training of Gardening staff

Styled Garden
Bouquet of Flowers


Plant displays  |  Indoor Plants  |  Weekly contracts  |  Weddings and Functions


To convey the beauty of a single flower or bouquet requires the skills, knowledge and intuitive grace of a designer who understands elegance and refinement. Only the freshest flowers are purchased on a daily basis for use in your floral selections to ensure the best results and longevity. Our commitment to our clients is evident as we strive to earn a reputation in floral design that is reflective of our high standards for quality, service and creativity.

You will find the professionals at Santa Verde are well versed in floral care with an eye for excellence, quality and value.  If you are in need of seasonal plantings, perennial color or an annual planting plan, give us a call for a free consultation.



Our team of wedding and events specialists able to tailor packages to your every need. We provide flowers for functions, events and reception areas for SMEs and global companies alike. We deliver weekly flower arrangements for corporate lobbies and can organise flowers for corporate boardrooms.


Our florists weave their floral magic at weddings or can even give you a head start over your competition at your next corporate function. Prices for flowers are seasonal and all arrangements are individually designed.

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